Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Newest Adventure

It's been so long since I've written!!lol

Well, we are embarking on a new adventure, one that we have been slowly heading towards (and without me really 'catching on' to it!!). We've made the switch completely and are now and UNschooling family. Which really just means that we will be doing child-led learning or allowing natural learning to take place.

It has been the most amazing thing to watch! The kids are MUCH more excited about learning, you can feel the energy in the room!! It is so cool to watch them ALL join in and learn about something....all on their own. Basically, I follow their lead and help them with the resources. I make sure that our environment is conducive to learning and helps stimulate learning rather than ME saying "today we will learn about plants" it's more of this type of scenario....
kids:"Mommmy why are plant leaves green"
Me:"well, theres a chemical in plants that turns plants leaves green when the sun shines on them and that is how the plant gets it food"
Kid:"do you have a book that shows that?"
Me: "yes I do, let's find out how plants grow"

Kind of a brief example, but it gives you the idea. It's hard to let go of strict curriculum, for me, but I trust the children and watching just how much more they retain when they decide what to learn, has me convinced!

I'll post more links and a list of books on child-led learning when I get more of a chance!

God bless, Penny