Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurray for Another *YEAR*

All of our goodies arrived was like Christmas!!
I got lot's of good stuff for them to explore and use. Wonderful books to read and fun experiments for them to do. They all helped in choosing, so a lot of things reflect their interests. So far between yesterday and today the Cash Register and the K'Nex have been a huge hit!!
Here's some pics!!
Matthew checking things out
*Matthew helping un-pack the goodies*

Hurray!! Homeschool fun

more books to read
*I got the entire Little House on the Prairie set and the Chronicles of Narnia*

Books to read
*books to read*

Games and Activities
*games, activities and experiments*

Lot's of fun things to do, there was just to much to list things individually!!lol
So, needless to say, we will be spending the next few days organizing and setting things up!! Hurray for Unschooling!!!!

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